Frequently Asked Questions

Originally register by clicking on the link here, to create your password. After going to the Google Play platform and the App Store downloads our app, enter your e-mail and password, then select the package you wish to buy by clicking on ' Buy Subscription ', then you pay for the package of your choice and the process is immediately complete.

The application purchase can be paid for via PayPal. Whatever the currency of your country is PayPal automatically converts your payment into the exact monetary value of the package.

In some countries that the payment system may not be available. For your convenience we are offering you the option of sending us an e-mail in which you report this problem so that the technical team can be informed immediately, you will be sent a corporate account where you will be able to transfer money once you agree to this process and once the transfer is complete our technical department itself will grant you access to the application.

Our application is a complete teaching course through which the Full Package will provide you with a wealth of information about 20 kinds of Oriental Dancing, its theory, the basic movements for each kind as well as a detailed theoretical info and analysis at the beginning of each course. There is information and choreography for whatever dancing level you may belong to (Beginners Level - Intermediate Level - Master s Level).

This application is an integrated system of a teaching dancing method which can be benefit professionals dancers as well enriching your knowledge on this dance in generals well as your dancing vocabulary and many different variations of techniques and steps included. Moreover, there are Master Level choreographies included in the courses, both for personal training, as well as a source of inspiration for you.

The instructors themselves always mention the songs playing in the background but in addition to this there is also a bar with a description of the title of the song that appears on the screen during the choreography.

Oriental Dancing offers many benefits to anyone practicing it either at an amateur or professional level. Some of those benefits include the fact that that it is a very effective workout as it strengthens the body, improving its balance and flexibility. It is a form of exercise beneficial at any age because it boosts bone density since the spine and bones are needed to support the full body weight during moves, thus strengthening them without any injuries that may be occurring in other kinds of sport activities. Furthermore, it offers many additional benefits for women themselves, as it helps an expectant mother prepare for childbirth. In addition to those health benefits, Oriental Dancing enhances our self-esteem and reduces stress.

This application provides you with a wealth of knowledge on Oriental Dancing, in addition to technical-dancing knowledge, including the theory part of each dancing method and course. Is an application that meets the needs of every dancer, whether a novice or a professional is offering a variety of choreographies and information for personal training, wherever and whenever you wish to do so. This app helps you highlight and enhance your dancing talent by following the instructions of our teachers. If you are a beginner you can become a professional dancer in a short time and at your own pace. Additionally, the application provides you a Certificate of Attendance.

Yes of course, there is a short video on our Landing Page as well as in the app itself where you can see a sample of our instructors' lessons.

The software of our application is available in 10 languages (English, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Ukrainian, Russian.) Our teachers teach in English, subtitles are currently unavailable.

Our app can be downloaded onto mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or all 3 devices at the same time, and is also available for iOS and Android.

The mirror effect reflects the teacher and his movements in such a way that her/his instructions and body are in line with what you can see on your device. In this way you learn effortlessly and instructions easier to follow.